Durkee's Apple Pie Spice 


The E.R. Durkee & Company was a spice company founded by Eugene R. Durkee in 1857. By the 1920s, it had grown to become a leading manufacturer of salad dressings, meat sauces, pickles, condiments, and spices. The company was later sold to a paint and chemical manufacturer known as the Glidden Company. It wasn't until the late 1960s that the public was introduced to a combination of both organizations' packaging ideals. The tin’s front and back panels feature Durkee’s bright red logo above a dark green banner with the words “Apple Pie Spice.” A clipart image of a baked pie is shown as an example of the spice’s usage. The company’s name and product type is found again on the side of the tin to account for shelf placement. The simple color palette of green, red, and white brings more attention to the packaging’s typography. Typography plays an essential role in communicating with the consumer instead of utilizing strong visuals which makes it the perfect example of typography focused advertising.