Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon Vinyl Record


Vinyl cover is an illustration of light passing through a 2d prism and  casting a rainbow. The cover is mostly black background. There is halftone shading in the prism. This is repeated on the back cover of the vinyl. 

The reflected rainbow trails inside the sleeve and incorporates soundwaves through the green section of the rainbow. This stripe is centered and the focal point of the inside cover. The rainbow is surrounded by the lyrics in the typeface Gill Sans with high contrast against the dark background. There are credits tucked into the bottom corners of the left side. The credits are in a smaller font and are justified compared to the left aligned lyrics. 

This work is considered an iconic design and is instantly recognizable. It is such a simple illustration but holds a lot of significance and meaning. The metaphor to turn something simple and abundant like light into a visual representation of pure creativity is beautiful. This translates directly to the psychedelic nature of the music.