Sigma Chi Epsilon's 2002-2003 Fraternity Composite, York College of Pennsylvania  


These are images of a Fraternity Composite from the early 2000s specifically 2002-2003 of the  Fraternity Sigma Chi Epsilon. I am currently the President of Phi Sigma Phi at York College of Pennsylvania (2020-2024) and I came across this composite in my fraternity house. I did some research and found out that we became Phi Sigma Phi in 2005, but before that we were Sigma Chi Epsilon, and before that Sigma Phi Epsilon. We have a bunch of old composites like this one in our fraternity house. Its interesting to see how composites were laid out and designed over 20 years ago.  The cut out photographs of the brothers, lettering, and the SXE symbol are all done by hand and created on this piece of 30x24 piece of paper (framed). The history aspect of this composite is also interesting because it gives us (the current brothers) all a good insight into the past about our fraternity and brotherhood.