Just Married #71 Comic


Just Married was a long-running romance comic published by Charlton Comics that often focused on the wild passions of newlyweds. This issue is focused on two hippies who find love. The art of both the cover and content are inspired by the ‘60s counterculture and popular media. The cover features an all-red background with illustrations of popular media of the ’60s in a monochromatic colorway. There are multiple hand-designed typefaces featured throughout the cover that says "perfect
 or “love”. All of the typefaces featured are sans-serif and many have overlapping characters. The main title, “Just Married”, has a stylized typeface with heart-shaped counters. The two main figures, or the newlyweds, are the only figures in the frame that are portrayed in multiple colors and are centered in the middle of the composition. The Charlton Comics “Big C” logo is featured in the top left corner.

Just Married #71 Comic 1
Source: Auburn, AL
Just Married #71 Comic 2
Source: Auburn, AL
Just Married #71 Comic 3
Source: Auburn, AL