Ringo Star “Blast From Your Past” Vinyl Record


This vinyl cover is photography and photo manipulation based design that gives the viewer an unbalanced feeling. An image of Ringo Starr is centered, but layered in a way that almost gives it a moving or 3D effect. This effect is also applied to the title. The only other element in the composition is the blue text containing the song titles on both sides of Ringo. This text is in a soft script typeface. 

The back cover, again, features a layered Ringo, this time smiling. There is distinct hierarchy between the song titles and their credits. The cover also incudes a quote in the lower right hand corner that is credited to a local gynecologist. 

The inside cover is a black and white collection of photography negatives, and credits. This is a lot of information, but it is beautifully composed and creates a very positive viewing.