Deep Purple “Fireball” Vinyl Record


This Vinyl cover is a photography based composition that showcases the band Deep Purple's heads as a fireball. The Fireball's tail is made up of a funky decorative typeface that reads “Fireball.” 

The back cover features a globe, centered, with presumably the fireball's trail circling around it like it it hurling towards/from  earth in a fast pace. These covers feature red text on a black background. The use of negative space is interesting because there is a unique margin on the Warner Bros Logo that sits on the right hand side of the front cover. It seems to be much tighter on the right edge, which is usually not encouraged. 

The inside of the cover is the stand out in my opinion. The foundation of the design seems to be combining the front and back cover. The negative space shifts from a background to a path that guides the viewer's eyes around the content. Text is kept simple. There are not lyrics on the inside cover, but instead, the song titles and credits. Central to the design are differing sized photographs of the band members playing their instruments.