Santana “Santana III” Vinyl Record, 1971


Psychedelic rock band Santana comprised of lead singer, guitarist, and drummer Carlos Santana in addition to a drastically long list of former members released this self titled Album “Santana III” in September of 1971.  The roman numeral III is implemented to differentiate this album from their debut album “Santana” released in 1969. This album is considered the peak of the band's career as after its release the band's musical direction shifted towards more jazz and Latin music experimentation. This double-sided record contains nine songs and the album's length is 41:27. This vinyl record album is relevant to graphic design history because of its unique photomontage imagery, and it is commonly referred to by its secondary name “Man with an Outstretched Hand” due to this content on the cover. This should be considered by designers and historians alike as it makes permanent the social and musical culture of the 1970s in the United States.

Santana “Santana III” Vinyl Record, 1971 1
Santana “Santana III” Vinyl Record, 1971 2
“Santana III” vinyl record by Santana, 1971
Source: Auburn, AL
“Santana III” vinyl record by Santana, 1971