Jr.canest '09


Jr.canest '09 is a motion graphics piece created by designer and animator Josep Bernaus, also known as Jr.canest. The video features a dynamic and abstract visual style, with geometric shapes and bold colors moving and transforming in time with the music. The piece showcases Bernaus' mastery of motion graphics techniques and his unique style and creative vision.

This piece is important for graphic design history as it represents the rise of motion graphics as a distinct discipline within graphic design. Jr.canest '09 was created at a time when motion graphics were becoming increasingly popular in advertising, music videos, and other media. It demonstrates how designers can use animation and visual effects to create engaging and memorable content that powerfully communicates complex ideas and emotions.

Additional information on the item includes that it was created using Adobe After Effects and is inspired by the music of Röyksopp. The video has been widely shared and acclaimed online since its release, and it has become a touchstone for motion graphics designers and enthusiasts.

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