Bavarian Type Premium Beer


The Bavarian Brewing Company was established in Covington, Kentucky in the year 1866 by Julius Deglow. The company was family owned until it was acquired by the International Breweries, Inc. in 1959. This particular object can hold 12 fluid ounces and is made of steel. The company's logo consists of a simplified depiction of a man drinking out of a glass chalice. The shiny gold foil forms an oval around the illustration and the detailed “B” to signify the initials of the brand and its overall importance. The typeface chosen provides a charming characteristic regarding the corporation’s German historical background while also incorporating the more organizational typefaces popular in America during production. The stark white background allows the informational elements to stand out. This is a perfect example of vintage packaging that sets the foundation of simplified logo design and using design to appeal to the consumer in the marketing world.