1960s General Electric Weather Proof Flood Lamps


A 1960s General Electric Company weatherproof flood lightbulb for indoor and outdoor use. The object was primarily targeted toward domestic or industrial uses. The illustrations on the sides of the box show depictions of traditional home use such as yards and gardens, workshops, driveways, and farm yards.  The locations were familiar to the hardworking American family or craftsman. In using illustration and bold typography the design of the package puts trust and reassurance in the consumer for purchasing GE light fixtures. The GE logomark, designed by A. L. Rich in 1890, has evolved to the iteration seen on the box today. The packaging features illustrations of the object/contents and locations for its use. The design uses blue, yellow, and white colors, with illustrations being primarily in blue.  The design uses mostly sans serif typography with a combination of serif and slab serif typography. The packaging resembles a more traditional advertisement with a flair for modern composition and type selections.