1993 Gamma Phi Circus program (57th annual)


This program is for the 57th annual Gamma Phi Circus at Illinois State University in the year 1993. The cover has very vibrant colors, most of it being yellow to attract customers. There is a blue design around the perimeter of the program, and drawings of circus participants doing acrobats and ticks in the air. “Gamma Phi Circus” is in big custom designed letters. On the top half of the letters, they have a and are stripped pattern and the bottom is red. 

Inside, it talks about the founder of the Gamma Phi Circus and how the circus got started and became a tradition for everyone. It also talks about the current directors and how they were once a part of the circus and their current roles. The program gives special thanks and awards like the Max Honn Service Award and lists off names of the award winners. There are collages in the program that were made by fans of the Gamma Phi Circus to encourage them and show support to the performers. They are wishing them well and telling them about their favorite acts in the show. Parents also did the same with their children, well wishes can be seen all throughout the program. There are advertisements placed in the program and sponsors of the show.