1979 Gamma Phi Circus Program (50th Anniversary/43rd Annual)


In 1979 Gamma Phi held what was the 50th anniversary of its circus.  Gamma Phi started in 1932 with its first circus performance.  They had their 50th anniversary but were only on the 43rd circus because of WWII, they did not perform during those years. The cover of the program is created with a red/yellow color palette. The rest of the pages are either black and white or yellow and black.  Gamma Phi created the design using sans-serif fonts for most of the general information. Illustrative serifs were used in titles as well as decorative borders.  This program captures the period of Graphic Design from the late '70s and shows a step Gamma took in its own design over the years. This piece is in Special Collections in Milner Library at Illinois State University.