Bailey Bros. Circus Official Route & Program Season 1947


Bailey Bros. was considered a traveling circus, touring across the United States during their many years of operation. Provided is a twenty-eight-page route and program for their 1947 tour featuring a wide variety of live music, clowns, and much more. This program was mass produced for distribution across America, created to show off their upcoming stops along the way. Ranging from Newberry South Carolina, their opening show on April third, to Buckeye Arizona on November eighth closing off their season. 

 This program also presented lists of every individual involved and working within the circus. Whether that be management, stagehands, or the performers themselves. A common name which is present through Bailey Bros. history is that of Bob Stevens. Listed as the original owner and manager, Stevens gives his regards, thanking each member of the circus’s’ organization for an amazing fourth season. 

Bailey Bros. program did an excellent job of also reflecting and recapping the highlights of the 1947 season down to the most significant moments of the entirety of their travels. Many of which had negative impact and influence upon the remaining circus. Including cancelations in Ohio and Maine, bad weather conditions, and the unfortunate passing of one of the circuses’ twin elephants. 

All imagery and pieces are held within the Special Collections at Milner Library, located at Illinois State University. For further examination follow the provided link to the Special Collection’s digital library.