Tord Boontje 


This book is a visual documentation of Tord Boontje' work. Boontje is an artist and craftsman from Enschede, Netherlands.  He has designed things from paper, to fabric, to furniture, to art installations. While his breadth of designs match his scope of talents, his work with flowers is stunning.

This book was created by Martina Margetts. Margetts is a Senior Tutor of Critical and Historical Studies at the Royal College of Art in London. She was Editor of Crafts magazine, and has curated a number of exhibitions for Britian's Crafts Council. 

The unique design of the book has been created by Graphic Thought Facility, based in London, with whom Tord has worked since 1999. Art-directed by Tord himself, 120 full-page photographs were taken for the book by Annabel Elston and Angela Moore, who shot in settings created in Tord’s studio in France and the forests around it

The cover is cloth bound with an exhilarating texture. The bright pink catches your eye from any place in the room and the subtle fade under the type pulls you in. The black spine is a stark contrast to the softness created by the cloth, it is definitely not a book to be hidden on a shelf.


Tord Boontje