Forged $20 banknote


This may look like an ordinary $20 dollar bill. An old $20 dollar bill, granted, for it is of the 1950 ‘series A’ and was in circulation in 1967. That is, up until it was taken out of circulation by a French bank after being officially authenticated as having been forged. 

The attached letter describes in detail the many anomalies which the experts identified: variations in the weight and alignment of the serial number; poor engraving of the shadows in the face and hair giving Andrew Jackson a slightly dull appearance; the treasurer's seal has white patches and part of the scales is missing; there are numerous white spots above 'Federal Reserve Note'; there are white spots and breaks in the Federal Reserve Bank's seal ; and there are breaks in the lines of the number 20 in the lower left- and right-hand corners.

You may feel that the French bank's experts were being over fastidious in their comments. And then again you may want to keep in mind their pernicketiness if you are thinking of doing a spot of freelance banknote design.