Tout ! Tout ce que nous voulons: tout


Issue n° 8.  The magazine Tout (Everything), enthusiastically anti-establishment and provocative, demonstrates the emergence of a counter-culture opposed to traditional socialism with its emphasis on the class struggle. Carrying as its sub-title the slogan ‘What we want, Everything’, it aimed to change attitudes across the board, pitting creativity against oppression. For the first few numbers it kept the look of a national daily, but changed steadily, influenced by the English-language alternative press and a desire to involve its readership in all stages of production and distribution. Issue n° 7 makes a more or less explicit visual reference to the style of May '68 posters produced by the Atelier populaire at the École des beaux-art in Paris.

(Collection of the Musée de l'imprimerie et de la communcation graphique, Lyon, France, inv 4770.)