Enamelled advertising plaque for a garage on the Greek island of Aegina


The first three lines indicate the various services offered, the two following lines are the garage owner's name, followed by that of the village in which the garage is situated, Perthika Aegina. All very informational. In sharp contrast to the background visual which succeeds in suggesting an automobilistic ambience by a combination of geometry, a circular motif which could possibly be construed as a wheel (half obscured by the typography) and a rather abstract incomplete outline of what might be a racing car, complemented by three seemingly irrelevant white wavy lines, a circular squiggle and some stray dots. Perhaps the giveaway is the presence of two black and white chequered blocks suggestive of the flags seen in Formula One racing. Not exactly what you would expect to find as what was probably a one-off design for a (very) local garage. Photographed in 2010.