Stork Restaurant Freedom Village promotional material 


This is a 1961 promotional flier for the Stork Restaurant Group's third location, Stork Freedom Village.

The Stork was one of the most popular eateries in Charlotte, North Carolina throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Before the end of their reign, the restaurant group would have four locations, each one a little different from the others, yet all with food "for the discriminating" and "at reasonable prices!"

The promotional material for the Freedom Village Stork features the restaurant’s logo and ambassador Mr. Stork, being interviewed by local newsman Bob Bean. Throughout the interview, Mr. Stork boasts about all the unique features of his new location. A coffee shop, a global menu, an event space, and the "Esquire Room," a dining room for men.

The advertisement relies on illustrations to give customers a sneak peek of the restaurant's interior. It also uses blocks of color that mimic the colors of the dining room. It reads like a typical interview and uses a san-serif (maybe Futura?) for the speaker's name and a typical newspaper serif for their responses. The bottom of the page features the "Stork Crest" as well as the name of the new location in a script font, followed by a brief summary of the highlights of the new location.