Aberdeen People's Press


Issue n° 25 of Aberdeen's fortnightly alternative newspaper.  An object lesson in how not to write headlines. 

Producing a fortnightly paper requires a certain amount of planning. So, with each new issue, the fairly loose group which produced Aberdeen People's Press promised itself that it would get organised and start making up the paper several days in advance leaving only the last-minute news to write and paste up in the hours before it went to press. But every fortnight, without fail, it still ended up writing, laying out, filming, printing, folding and stapling the paper at the last minute, usually working well into the night to get everything finished. 

This didn’t always favour the quality of the journalism as one inept headline testified. For as the members of the group went round the busy Friday night pubs of Aberdeen selling the paper, their faithful readers spared them no embarrassment, pointing out that they didn’t need to attend a teach-in to learn how to beat their wives… or to be beaten by their husbands.