The Juice Box


The juice box is one of the most common objects used by people all over the globe. It provides an easier way of transporting beverages without worrying about spillage or convenience. Ruben Rausing first created the juice box in 1963, his idea consisted of a box that would be used for liquids, specifically milk interestingly. First named "Tetra Brik", the juice box gained its popularity because of its efficiency and space saver compared to glass cups or canisters. When the 80's hit, the juice box became overwhelmingly popular. Once it was introduced in American supermarkets, consumers instantly recognized the advantages. The box is light, unbreakable, safe, and easy to throw into a backpack or lunchbox. This object will forever be used, I cannot imagine any other tool that would be as if not more convenient than the juice box.

The Juice Box 1
The Juice Box 2