Cover of Kaliflower Vol. 1, No. 47

Articles: "The Return of Kali-Flower Man [cartoon], Berkeley Free Food [seeking deliverers], "Survival Bread" . . . so we're told -- one could survive on this and nothing else for six months. [recipe], Crunchy Granola [recipe], Hepatitis Stay 'Way from my door [suggests lots of protein, including brewers yeast, and unsulphered blackstrap molasses for its iron], Why concrete and cement? [editorial comment on the art of rebuilding old structures, and also on the perversion of Rapidograph pens], "To bring great offerings creates good fortune. ..." [article on planting at the Spring Equinox], Ithilien North is 73 acres of land in Oregon and a shop floor. ..., To person going to Hawaii in April: just returned from Maui yesterday ... if I were going again soon this is what I would take: ..., Kaliflower [cover artwork for this issue]"—