Lady Gaga's Two Paper Masks in a Cellophane Bag In 2011, the retail store, Barney's New York, hosted an elaborate pop-up holiday store as an interpretation of Santa's Workshop, called Gaga's Workshop. Musician and cultural icon Lady Gaga, creative and fashion director Nicola Formichetti, and Brazillian artist team Assume Vivid Astro Focus collaborated on the wild interior and exterior installations, multimedia displays, and products sold in store. It is unclear which of them designed this particular set of paper masks. The masks are not signed, and there is no descriptive text on the packaging other than the main label and price tag.
Gaga's Workshop Mask 1
Gaga's Workshop Mask 2
Gaga's Workshop Mask 3
Gaga's Workshop Mask 4
Gaga's Workshop Mask 5