Founders of the Woman’s Building

"In 1973 The Woman’s Building was founded by Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Arlene Raven and Judy Chicago (from left to right). ‘It was a house large enough for everyone, all women, we claimed. It was Womanspace, Womanhouse, and the House of Women, 'At Home,' Everywoman’s space, and Femme/ Maison. It was female space, safe space, sacred space, contested space, occupied space, appropriated space, and transformed space. It was revolution and revelation. We were squatters and proprietors, renegades and healers; we dichotomized and fused. We had one commonality: we were convinced that we were transforming culture by offering alternatives, as women, not only in the arts and culture, but also in the way we used space and conducted politics in that space. In its theory and praxis, the Los Angeles Woman’s Building, a material site for nearly two decades, appeared to epitomize much of what is sometimes referred to as second-wave feminism.’"—

"Photograph of Woman's Building founders (from left to right) Judy Chicago, Sheila de Bretteville, and Arlene Raven, from a 1973 Feminist Studio Workshop brochure."—

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Founders of the Woman’s Building 2
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