"Charles Davidson’s career in advertising, and his belief that simplicity is the key to great design. How does one have a good image for advertising? According to Charles Davidson, simplicity is the key when creating a good image for advertising. It creates elegance through its lack of clutter, when there is too much within a picture, it can take away from the product. Working for companies such as Chrysler and AT&T are very big companies to get your name on, which he did. Ayer was also a big company to work for and gave many jobs for him to work on due to his success. Also was a chairman of the Art Center in Los Angeles. The North American Watch Comp. wanted him on their team from his work, and he did many advertising work for them. All of his work had a similar look to them, this concentrated shot on the product to express the features and the story of the product or what have you. Since he’s at a higher level, he then has the luxury of choosing what he wants to do, he chooses jobs that coincide with his life. Such as being interested in paleontology and then integrating it within the design, specifically watches."—Research and scan by Evan Jackson, Lester Geronga, Noah Little for Graphic Design Treasure Hunt assignment in Shirin Rabin’s graphic design history course, CalState North, 2016.