Caption: Uncle Sam "Well, we seem to be getting along a little better than the rest of the world, and if we can't be thankful for all that we have, we may at least be thankful that there are some things we haven't."


Print shows Uncle Sam, Columbia, and Puck sitting at a table, ready to enjoy a Thanksgiving turkey dinner in a gallery with paintings on the wall in the background; Uncle Sam is gesturing toward these paintings, which show Irish uprisings and unrest in England, volcanoes in Java, earthquakes in Italy, "Cholera" as the grim reaper in Egypt, French colonialism, anarchy in Spain, German militarism, and Alexander III, Emperor of Russia, standing on the body of a peasant in a painting titled "Russian Reform". On the far right, at a dock labeled "U.S. Navy", a ship in disrepair leans to one side. A bulldog gnaws on a bone labeled "New York" beneath a bench on the left.

— Library of Congress