Korean Bojagi (wrapping cloth)

"'One of the most interesting textilic items in the collection is a square painted pojagi decorated with floral and auspicious symbols. Measuring 107 cm by 107 cm, the cloth is of natural-coloured plain-weave hemp and made up of three loom widths stitched together, each width being 35.5 cm. Surrounding the central roundel are twelve squares decorated with five different kinds of kilsangmun painted in the primary colours of red, blue and yellow, and secondary colours of pink, light blue and green. Painted poljagi like this one are usually called tangch’aebo. They were produced at the court and seem to have been made specifically for royal wedding ceremonies. The motifs on the V&A’s poljagi supports this as they all refer to long life, happiness, health and peace.'"—http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O22296/wrapping-cloth-unknown/
Korean Bojagi (wrapping cloth) 1
Korean Bojagi (wrapping cloth) 2