Charlotte Messenger, VOL 1. NO 1.

The Charlotte Messenger Newspaper, issued weekly starting in 1882 running to at least 1891. One of the first African American ran newspaper's in North Carolina. The founder and editor of the Charlotte Messenger was William C. Smith. Smith who was before this, one of the founders of The Fayetteville Educator, the first newspaper edited and published by colored men in North Carolina. Republican in sentiment, the Messenger's content includes, news from big city newspapers and from areas in the south, short stories, poetry and advice found often in newspapers from this time. Included often is an emphasis on temperance. The Salutatory message in the first issues reads as this; "In presenting this little sheet to our people, it is hoped that they will appreciate it as an honest effort on our part to promote the moral, intellectual and material standing of our people. We are aware of the difficulties and responsibilities attending the publication of a newspaper; but seeing the great need of an organ in this section to defend the principles of the Republican party; the need of an exponent of the rights of the colored people, we have undertaken the task and shall depend upon the wisdom and kindness of our friends to encourage and support us.”