Socialist Republic of Vietnam 20 Dong


In 1975, the formerly divided regions 1 of Vietnam came together to form a single socialist state. The government introduced new currency and facilitated the exchange of old money in both previously divided regions. This unified the national currency into Đồng, establishing a fresh era of development in the country's monetary system. However, the nation faced numerous challenges stemming from an inefficient economy, conflicts with neighboring Cambodia and China, and trade embargoes. 

This is a photo of the front and back of a 1976 20 Dong banknote. On the right of the front page is a portrait of Ho Chi Minh, once a leader and one of the most significant individuals of the Vietnamese Communist party. On the left is the National Emblem, as well as a number 20. On the back is a depiction of a tractor and a dam, signifying the resilience and hard-work of the working class. The illustration is surrounded by borders made of intricate drawings of leaves and plants. 

1  North and South Vietnam