Man of La Mancha Playbill


This booklet was a reference guide to attendees of the 60s Broadway play, “Man of La Mancha”. This booklet contains the cast, music, and acts for this play. The cover pictures a black and white illustration of what appears to be a well known scene from the play. The top of the cover holds the well known yellow rectangle with “playbill" written within it. These booklets since they are so well known are even referred to as “The national magazine for theatergoers”. 

Their programs are only made of paper and staples but contain all kinds of cultural elements from the 60s within type choice and advertisements. Within the pages are advertisements for things like alcohol, cigarettes, and makeup. While this may not have been one of the most well known plays, it is still fascinating with all the illustrations and photographs it contains. These booklets were used and even saved by theater enthusiasts almost as a time capsule, which contains type styles, art, and even advertisements that give us a glimpse into the design styles of the 60s and 70s.


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