Luv Playbill


This little booklet was a reference guide to attendees of the 1960s Broadway play, “Luv”. This booklet is made from just paper, ink, and staples. While some programs for this play are photographic, This one is illustrative and interacts with the type. Near the top of this image is the iconic yellow rectangle with the word playbill. Within the booklet advertisements for things like alcohol, makeup, and travel can be found. Advertisements that feature popular 60’s products and fashion can be found within its pages.This booklet contains the cast, music, and acts for this still very well known play.

 The program contains type styles, art, and even advertisements that give us a glimpse into the design styles of the 60s. Sprinkled throughout the advertisements is information on the play like cast, music, and acts. Booklets like this one are still very popular to collect and still made for current broadway plays today! 


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