Johnston & Malone  Bookstore Catalog (98-99)


This is a catalog for the bookstore Johnston & Malone or J&M for short, located in Auburn Alabama. This issue of the catalog was released in 1998 advertising the store's product line for the school year. This issue focuses on the store's merchandise and is completely centered around Auburn University. Consisting of mostly clothing items such as polo shirts, sweaters, rain jackets, hats, t-shirts, shorts, socks, and more. There are some other merchandise items throughout the catalog such as Auburn-themed jewelry, watches, stuffed animals, golfing equipment, baby clothes, a Barbie doll, and more. All the items shown are given a name, description, price, and number. In the center of the catalog, there is a small order form that can be ripped out and mailed to the store as a way of purchasing their items.