This piece was designed by Sato Kashiwa. He is a graphic designer, art director, and creative director. He was born in 1965 in Tokyo and went to Tama Art School and is a professor there. He was heavily influenced by Takuya Onuki and joined Hakuhodo Inc. He is also known for being involved with designing logos for GU, UNIQLO, and Rakuten.

Before this advertisement, most Japanese commercial art consisted of an image which could be a photograph or illustration with text.  However, in 2002, Sato changed the game by only including text in his design. A yellow background with red trim and large pixelated red text that shouts “NO MORE IMAGE! PARCO”. Even though this piece is quite simple, it only uses two colors and no images, it is still very loud and unique. This was the birth of a new look for Parco and set the tone for future design.

Tokyo =Kawaii 2000's Advertisements
Source: ginzamag.com
Tokyo =Kawaii 2000's Advertisements