Best Christmas Wishes Post Card


This double sided postcard was printed on a thick card stock paper. The front side of the card includes text that reads, “Best Christmas Wishes”. The lettering style is a mix between Gothic and calligraphy. Located in the middle of the card is landscape scenery of a river or stream lined with autumn colored trees. Small delicate gold detailing can be found on either side of the landscape illustration. Below the illustration, in the bottom third of the composition, you will find a Poinsettia branch with three blooms. The center of the flowers, flower vine, and the Christmas lettering is printed in gold ink. 

The back side of the postcard is divided into two sections, one for the address and one for the letter or message. This card was most likely printed in half tone because you can see the dotted patterns that collectively join together to create the image. This card was embossed in all of the areas where ink has been placed.