Hallmark Holiday Card


This early Hallmark card, stamped both Hall Brothers and Hallmark, is in nice condition and is dated 1942. The front side of the card depicts a penguin wearing a holiday hat with a microphone and paper in its hands. A speech bubble is located above the penguins' head and reads, “Your attention, please, to the following inscribed announcement:” The card has a fibrous, paper bag type texture with slight tooth.  the inside of the card includes a different penguin along with a Christmas tree, radio, and a place to sign.  

The speech bubble is located above the radio alluding to the idea that the penguin on the inside of the card is listening to the announcement being made by the penguin on the outside cover. The announcement being made says, “You're Wished the Merriest Christmas Ever”. This card was most likely screen printed based on the alignment details and the popular technology and processes of the time.