You Have Struck a Rock


The "You Have Struck a Rock"  poster features an African picture of resistance to oppression that is reminiscent of a 1942 poster designed by J. Howard Miller (American, 1918–2004) titled We Can Do It! 
This poster can be understood to function as a metonym for women’s rights and liberation against oppression. It was initially designed by Judy Seidman in pen and ink and later developed through silkscreen.  She is a South African-based designer who stands for the rights of women. 
She used her art to educate and communicate about feminism and culture to the people of Africa, specifically South Africa and Botswana. Her art was mainly for liberation. This poster was designed to celebrate South African Women's Day.
The original idea for this poster included a lady waving an AK-47 gun in the first layout, whereas the second layout featured a woman with a broken chain around her wrist. The second pattern, which displays the broken chain, was chosen as the final design.


You Have Struck a Rock