His Girl Friday


His Girl Friday was made in 1940 and features actors such as Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell and was published by the Sterling Entertainment Group, which was defunct in 2006. The comedy and romance movie, His Girl Friday, is about a newspaper editor, Walter Burns, who discovers his ex-wife and reporter Hildy Johnson has gotten engaged to an insurance man. Walter Burns plans to sabotage the relationship as he encourages Hildy to cover one last story. The VHS displayed was produced in 1999 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The front cover features the two main characters against a pink and blue gradient background. The two can be seen looking off into the distance, whereas the bottom half features the two seemingly communicating through a candlestick telephone. The top of the cover displays the title of the movie in uppercase while the bottom of the cover features the words “Hollywood's Finest” in uppercase as well. The cover contains a green marble border present throughout the whole package.  The back of the package includes the title and a summary of the movie, a scene of the two characters, a critic's quote at the top left, a barcode available to scan, and copyright information about the distribution company. the sides of the package also display the movie's title and the same photo from the front. 

His Girl Friday 1
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His Girl Friday 2
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