Twelfth Night Program, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (1797)


This program marks a particular style shift in our cultural paradigm in which typefaces were used to imbue words, people, and titles with personality. Using exclusively Serifs we switch between simple, default tracking in between letters to a wide and open tracking to indicate the last name of the actors. Although it seems somewhat chaotic, there are rules that are adhered to, for instance, using a bolded version with semi-wide tracking to indicate the titles of the shows in question.

The Image of the Plain-Dealer is not from the same document, but instead is a depiction of an actor playing a role in Twelfth Night who is also in the 1797 rendition of the show. They are paired because of the common connection between “M. Jordan” (Mrs. Jordan in the first document), but the image actually comes from the British Library printed on July 11th, 1796.