UFO: Close Encounters board game


Designed by Tom Dalgliesh from Gamma Two Games and published original in Canada , purchased and published in the US by The Avalon Hill Game Company in 1978 (was reworked a bit by Avalon Hill Game Co. but unknown what changes were done from the original Gamma Two Games version to the published Avalon Hill version).

The  board game features a split board that is put together side-by-side and pieces are cardboard circles. For the Earth pieces, they're only printed on one side with a white backing while the Alien pieces have blue/yellow explosions on their back. It is a two player game where one person is defending Earth with satellites and rockets against the second player who are the aliens attempting to invade Earth.

The game itself has a two-sided instruction guide and a postcard mailer to receive brochures of Avalon Hill games and play-by-mail kits. The instruction guide explains how to play the basic version of the game and then an advanced version.

Unknown who the designer of the graphics are. The cover appears to be a form of overlaying a photo of a small city diorama, a hanging metal shape, and pieces of cut paper.