"The Dolly book is an alternative typeface-catalogue. The protagonist of the catalogue (and story-line) is a dog named Dolly—also the name of the new typeface. The idea was to use existing layouts at a 100% scale. Some spreads are therefore smaller than the dimensions of the new book, others larger. In those scanned spreads I precisely replaced the original text with text set in 'Dolly'. The subject of the text in those spreads was also changed: every spread had a text that was re-written by friends, colleagues and even family members. The main subject was: write about your (imaginary) dog called 'Dolly'. The amount of text they had to write was depending on the amount of text in the original spread. Because in the end it had to match exactly the original spreads! In this way the book shows different ways of using the Dolly. The book contains texts written by a diverse group of participants, i.a. Erik Spiekermann, Edwin Smet, Guy Tavares, Ewan Lentjes, Anne Knopf, Michael Rock, Eike Menijn, Markus Brilling & Somi Kim, Lennart Wienecke & Wilbert Leering."—http://www.woutdevringer.nl/books/Dolly
“Dolly” 1
“Dolly” 2
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