“The Alchemy of Breathing”

"It is the art of making transcendental symbols which evoke the existence and character of the cosmic forces of the universe. The composition of these symbols strives toward the eternal and kitsch anti-formalism of the archetypes of the collective unconscious. The content is the experience of the force structure of the mystical experience. To man this force structure is the climax of the power and ferocity of the universe, and it subsumes and transforms human reactions whether or not it is terror, sentimentality or humor. The subject matter is apparently separate messages which when brought together form a sequential and culminate organization of the information, which at the visionary point of the world (the end of time) will reveal the master plan of the universe."
“The Alchemy of Breathing” 2
“The Alchemy of Breathing” 3
“The Alchemy of Breathing” 4