Doritos SOLID BLACK 2021


Megan Lewis's design for the 2021 Doritos Solid Black initiative not only showcases her artistic prowess but also serves as a powerful medium for promoting respect and understanding of Black culture. The intentional use of Memphis-styled geometric shapes and vibrant pop colors against a solid black background creates a visually striking composition that immediately captures attention. This design choice goes beyond aesthetics; it serves as a metaphor for the diversity within Black culture, emphasizing the richness and complexity that often lies beneath the surface. All funds made by the product went to the Nation Urban League. The thoughtful incorporation of actors into the design is a testament to Lewis's commitment to portraying individuals in their best light. She ensures that the focus remains on the subjects, allowing their personalities and stories to take center stage. This design decision not only highlights the diversity within the Black community but also reinforces the idea that each individual has a unique narrative worthy of celebration. The design features hand-drawn typography, a carefully curated selection of positive and encouraging words. This typography serves as a visual narrative, conveying messages of empowerment, unity, and resilience. By intertwining these uplifting words with the bold visual elements, Lewis creates a holistic and inspiring representation of Black culture. In essence, Megan Lewis's design for the Doritos Solid Black initiative goes beyond the superficial, delving into the realm of social commentary and cultural celebration. Through her artistic choices, Lewis advocates for a deeper appreciation of the diversity and positivity within Black culture, inviting viewers to engage in a dialogue of respect, understanding, and empowerment, making it a great addition to the Baltimore Graphic Design History Cannon.