The Diamond Restaurant Ad (1966)


Commonwealth Avenue is home to a quaint brick building with a rich history tied to the James family. Originally known as the Diamond Soda Grill back in 1945, it changed hands in 1982 when it was purchased by Jerry Pistolis.

In 1963, the James family's sons, Robert and Ralph, assumed responsibility for the restaurant's operations from their parents. They continued to manage the Diamond until 1982 when they decided to sell it to Jerry Pistolis.

Throughout the years, the restaurant has maintained its simplicity, preserving both its interior and menu. For generations, patrons have flocked to savor the timeless home-cooked dishes, such as baked and fried chicken, corn muffins, and custard pie.

The Diamond has overcome various challenges over the years, consistently offering delicious fare at affordable prices. As a result, it has carved out a significant place in the history of Charlotte's dining scene, both in the past and today. This retro-modern style eatery is nestled in the historic Plaza Midwood neighborhood on the east side of C

1966 Ad of Diamond Restaurant
1966 Ad of Diamond Restaurant