Gay Pride Flag


Gilbert Baker was a prominent figure in the Gay Liberation movement of the 1970s and is most well-known as the creator of the Gay pride flag. Baker lived in San Francisco at the time, a major hub for the Gay Liberation Movement, and volunteered as a designer for the  San Francisco Gay Community Center describing it as “the nerve center of the gay revolution.” 

During his time as a designer, Baker and his team designed countless banners and signs for local protests and marches across the Bay area. 

Baker became inspired by flags and the connections they had to identity, nationhood and revolution. He decided on a rainbow, to represent the magic and diversity of his community. With the $1,000 given to him by the Gay Freedom Day Parade Committee, Gilbert Baker and a team of his friends created two 60 x 30 feet Rainbow Flags, for The Gay Freedom Day Parade on June 25th 1978, creating the iconic rainbow flag, now synonymous with LGBTQ+ culture and identity.