Extracts from the Tipiṭaka and 'Phra Malai' พระมาลัย


In this Manuscript, you can see two generously gilded illustrations in the Thai painting style of the nineteenth century set in two of the Buddhist heavens.  The interaction of the monk Phra Malai and the prince Siddhartha is shown in this picture. This picture is part of a collection of manuscripts and describes the whole story of Buddhism within the picture and script that is written in Thai. 

I think that this piece is important in the history of graphic design because it shows the importance of storytelling from a culture of southeastern Asian cultures.  And shows others the importance of Buddhist culture and religion with the text to elaborate on what is happening in the image the type between the text and the image is important in graphic design because it gives the art significance and context and can be applied in other elements of design because graphic design is a way of storytelling and we can learn from this piece. 

Manuscript from Southeast Asia.
Source: www.bl.uk
Manuscript from Southeast Asia.