Women’s History Month at The Archive

For our first March in existence we featured and honored all women designers in honor of Women's History Month. The common refrain around women in graphic design history is that their work is less praised, conserved or researched. The People’s Graphic Design Archive offers a chance to flip that narrative by sharing the work of many women designers
in the hopes of offering inspiration and also new research.

It may surprise some to know that we had a hard time narrowing down our featured designers (2 per day)! In the end we featured the work of 59 designers, and continued to share far into April. We still felt that we only included the tiniest drop in a vast and diverse pool.

Our aim was to share lesser-known women mixed with some more known, as well as others whose practice exists somewhere between design and art.

Some articles and resources we recommend:

The PGDA is a collective effort and welcomes and encourages everyone's participation. Please submit work to the archive. All are encouraged! Submit anything from finished projects to process, photos, letters, oral histories, anecdotes, published and unpublished articles, essays, and other supporting material to the archive here.