“Napoleon Dynamite” titles

"I wanted it to feel organic and match the film, so 8 months after the film had been completed and before the theatrical release, we shot the title sequence. It’s kind of weird, but because they wanted to show that the film takes place now, there’s a title where a hand pulls Napoleon’s school ID out of a wallet and it says ‘2004’ — that was like the big deal for Fox, hoping that would put to bed anyone’s question as to when it happened....Pablo designed the handwritten “Napoleon Dynamite” title that appears over Napoleon’s desk during the current event scene [about three minutes into the film]. That was the only opening title we had when we screened at Sundance. When we went back and shot the stuff Ruell designed, some people incorrectly assumed it was Ferro."—https://www.artofthetitle.com/title/napoleon-dynamite/


“Napoleon Dynamite” titles 1
Pablo Ferro “Napoleon Dynamite” title design
Pablo Ferro “Napoleon Dynamite” title design